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Since Eastex Websites upgraded the Bay Area Communications site just two months ago, we have signed 3 new customers who said they found us through the site. In the 2 years before the update, we got a total of two customers from the site.

S. Reichek, Bay Are Communications Owner

Richardson Construction
Richardson Construction


Apex Trench and Mat
Apex Trench and Mat

Richardson Construction
Richardson Construction

 Prices from $250


  • Photo Galleries and Product Stores

  • Search Optimized to Rank High

  • Responsive for Mobile Devices

  • Write, Design, Launch

  • Polk, San Jacinto, Walker, Tyler, Liberty, Angelina Counties

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Why Websites

A website is your online storefront or office. It should display your business personality. It anchors your online marketing for Facebook, Instagram, 

Twitter and other platforms. 

What We Do

Using Wix, or most any popular web tools, we write, design, build, and optimize your site. It is ready for laptop, tablet, or mobile users and will show up high in searches. We can also manage the site or teach you.

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